Emergency Dental Care Explained

There are numerous causes of dental emergencies. Chipped, broken, or infected teeth. Loose teeth, cracked teeth, decaying teeth. Aching, throbbing, or swelling—the list goes on. Sometimes it may be something as simple as a veneer or crown that has fallen off.

Whatever it is, if it’s causing you the kind of pain and discomfort, and is affecting your daily routine or sleep quality, it’s time to be seen by a professional. We offer extensive emergency dental care to five days a week.

People often assume that a dentist won’t see them without an appointment.

Don’t Wait Until It’s To Late

If you believe you have a dental emergency, you should contact an emergency dentist immediately. People often assume that a dentist won’t see them without an appointment. This is not always the case. For instance, we can almost always make room for a dental emergency, same-day.

Emergency Examples

There are no set rules for an oral emergency. Each and every person is different, with different pain tolerances and circumstances. An untreated tooth infection, for instance, can lead to bacteria in the bloodstream, also known as bacteremia or septicemia. If left untreated, septicemia can cause a severe infection in the body called sepsis, which can be life-threatening.

More emergency examples include:

• Broken Teeth
• Infection of Any Kind
• Loose Teeth
• Unbearable Pain
• Bleeding
• Swelling
• Broken Orthodontics
• Exposed Nerves
• Abscess in Mouth

Dental Emergencies That Can Wait

There are some emergencies that can wait. Although there may be some pain associated, it may not be severe, so scheduling a day or two out in order to make room for individuals that might have (for example) an extreme infection, can be a reasonable option.

Examples of emergencies that might be able to wait are:

• Small chips or cracks
• Lost or loose fillings
• Lost or loose crown
• Mild tooth aches
• Bad Breath
• Food stuck in teeth


Finding a dental office that’s able to get you in same-day isn’t always easy, but we have the staff and the resources available to accommodate most dental emergencies. And in the case we aren’t able to fit you in, we’ll always do our best to guide you to the help you need.